The constructive solutions of Zhilma are based on a highly efficient management system, achieving a maximization of the added value to the customer, thanks to the systematized processes, the intelligent use of materials, optimization of labor and residues management.


Constructive and organizational technology as elements of business development and excellence in implementing strategies.

Zhilma constantly develops new business practices both at a constructive and facility management implementation and at a organizational level. In this sense, the two lines of work are integrated in the company structure, allowing an improvement as an organization that leads to an increase of the added value offered to our customers.

Industrialization and customization

The development of projects by Zhilma is performed following the basic principles of industrialization (for low value-added jobs) and customization (for jobs with high added value), so that business processes are optimized.

Building Solidity

We develop our projects basing on the structural integrity, which allows building the rest of the edification under maximum security and functionality settings.

Traditional and modular engineering

Zhilma presents a set of technology solutions that define a highly efficient construction system, with differential values with respect to any existing offer and more profitable, both in traditional and modular system construction.

Maximum flexibility

Zhilma constructive system is completely flexible to the needs of its customers. Zhilma team defines the construction system according to the specific requirements of each project, taking into account the peculiarities of the business that will use the building to be constructed.

Strategy and implementation applied to construction


Sustainability and energy efficiency

Energy solidarity is very present in the construction values of Zhilma.

That is why our team develops constructive formulas and structures that allow flexibility of materials and finishes, as well as used resources throughout the construction process.

Zhilma works on innovation projects on energy sustainability that have a direct application on welfare and health.


The materials used for Zhilma in building construction are environmentally friendly, have a reduced load of waste and facilitate construction durability over time.

Cost Optimization

Sustainability understood as a criterion to reduce construction costs as well as facility management costs of the building.


Innovation by default.

Innovation in the way of building and organizing the work to provide maximum value to our customers.

As a result of significant investments in I+D for the development of architecture, engineering and definition of serial production systems, Zhilma provides a more efficient and economical solution than the usual construction processes; Zhilma builds in traditional system or modular system applying efficiency and sustainability as fundamental principles of the building.

Both systems are adaptable to a wide range of applications: residential buildings, hotels, dormitories, third age residences, hospitals, etc.

Intelligent Building
  • Interior layout suited to the needs of the building.
  • Optimization of usable space.
  • Short, medium and long term energy efficiency.
Space optimization

One of the most significant values of Zhilma consists in the interior design of buildings.

Before starting the construction, Zhilma designs the interior of the entire building to be constructed in order to eliminate unhelpful surfaces for the purpose of the building.

Thus we get the built space meets a real specific need, optimizing the value of soil impact over the base of the actual usefulness of the building.

Productive Innovation

Structural strength, load limits and demanding use to which they are intended make them virtually indestructible.

Our construction system is based on “superstructures” dimensioned for the most demanding requirements, including earthquakes and hurricanes.

In the early stages of the process the self-supporting “superstructures” are manufactured, including the distribution of the rooms and the placement of anchors for all the equipments: tiling, sanitary facilities, carpentry, among others.

Once the structures are fabricated, enclosures and facilities are mounted according to such predefined anchor mechanism. The final result is a module that overcomes all structural, technical, constructive and buildable requirements, with a finishes quality at the highest level, fully customizable both facade and indoors

Construction speed

Shorter work execution in both traditional and modular system.

The execution times of modular construction are reduced by almost half.

Modular construction allows us to work simultaneously on the site:




Likewise, it is possible to work simultaneously on the industrial plant:

Modules manufacturing

Equipment manufacturing



Our construction system allows building a customized construction, fully adapted to the real needs.

Zhilma constructive systems are appropriately integrated into the environment to meet the needs of specific customization for each type of construction and use that will receive the building.

The flexibility of the construction system of Zhilma can incorporate a wide variety of types of structures and level of finishes.

By structural and superstructural reinforcements, the use of traditional or modular substructures transform the construction of buildings over 20 heights into an easy operation.

For such applications, improvements in cost and time of execution are substantial and take special importance if the working point is distant or has difficulties in the supply of materials, labor recruitment or adverse weather.


Methodology & Team

Zhilma articulates its projects on a solid methodology that covers five areas: analysis, design, development, implementation, control and monitoring.

  • Application of corporate values ​​in the design and execution of construction.
  • Social responsibility projects.
  • Teamwork with flat hierarchy.
  • High quality elements and services.
  • Commitment and total involvement with the client in the design and implementation.
  • Global vision – Local thinking, in both the project and the client, advising on all the customization process, from requirements analysis to the implementation of the building.
Constructive implementation
  • Manufacture of structures / superstructures
  • Civil works and foundations
  • Integration and finishes
  • Transport and assembly


  • Control of the work performed
  • Activity tracking
  • Monitoring of satisfaction of building needs
  • Start up of building activity
  • Continued assessment in the definition of construction needs.
Main features of Zhilma Philosophy
  • Dynamism and total availability for the customer
  • Proximity, transparency, responsibility and total commitment with the customer
  • Global strategy and local implementation
  • Excellence in quality service
Main features of Zhilma Methodology
  • Integrated team work
  • Constant feedback transmission and continuous improvement generation during the process
  • Agility with the incidentals and modifications
  • Total control and coordination of project in quality and execution time.

Knowledge of industry best practices and experience in the design and execution of construction projects and building facility management ensures the final quality of Zhilma products and services.




Zhilma Building Construction


  • Analysisi and strategic-architectural design of buildings
  • Analysis and functional-operational design of buildings
  • Analysis and outdoor spaces design
  • Analysis and interior spaces design


  • Previous work construction
  • Functional implementation on site
  • Implementation and execution of work
  • Control and construction monitoring


  • Post-implementation
  • Warranty period management
  • General or specific reforms

Zhilma Facility Services

Premium preventive facility management in any discipline.

Premium corrective facility management in any discipline.

Premium Plus (Silver) preventive and corrective facility management service, all included.

Double Plus (Gold) preventive and corrective facility management service, all included, with continuous training to key staff building.

Premium Triple Plus (Platinum) preventive and corrective facility management service, all included, with continuous personnel training and services tailored to our customer needs and adapted to the uniqueness and exclusivity of the building.

Building sustainable and durable spaces